One of the best salads EVER, S'mores ice cream

As I didn't read the short ribs recipe in advance yesterday, I found, when I commenced at 6:15p, that total cook time was to be nearly 3½ hours. Oops. We decided to pretend we were in Europe, have a few drinks, eat the salad early on. Though I feel a bit vague today (another oops), giving the salad its own turn as star was a fortuitous thing because it was spectacular; another hit from my Hugh Acheson cookbook, A New Turn in the South. The tragedy is that all my pictures came out slightly blurry and do not in any way do the salad justice. However, you can trust me when I say that it was superb and I bought more feta today so as to have round 2 tonight. The arugula's pepperiness and the serrano's kick were awesome contrasts to the watermelon's crunch and sweet juiciness and then feta's creaminess. Perfection.

hugh acheson's watermelon-feta salad with serrano vinaigrette

The boys and I were sad to say goodbye to my Mom earlier, but fortunately, Oliver seems to be on the mend. Please, please, Gods of Health, do not vex my home anymore for at least a month or two. We have dealt with all manner of plague and ail, and I'm done! After a successful quiet time, we decided to make the S'mores Ice Cream recipe I saved a few weeks back. We've just broiled the marshmallow-covered grahams and covered them with chocolate; they're now in the freezer and once solid, we'll chop them into rough chunks which will ultimately be stirred into the burned marshmallow ice cream base. Awesome, right?!