On the bayou

It's been a fun whirlwind here in Lake Charles since we arrived yesterday afternoon. I'm going to tell you that the final leg of the trip did not boost my impression of prop planes. I hate them, and in a rainstorm and a smash-the-ground landing....well, suffice it to say that I was glad to get off. Last night at dinner, the boys long asleep, it felt like old (!) times with just my parents, sister and me at the table. Elia made a mushroom-gorgonzola risotto that was lovely, I made the dough for some collard green pasties (hand-pies) I'm testing for Your Best Pub Food, and then I hit the sack early. This morning, my uncle took us and the boys skiing and tubing. I swear it's been 16 or 18 years since I donned a pair of water skis, but I popped right up and it was sure fun. More tiring than I remember, but a great feeling. The tube was huge so I sat with Jack in my lap, and Elia with Oliver in hers. Watching us must have been absolutely priceless because Jack cried the whole time, El and I were laughing, and Oliver was having a fine time, saying, while looking rather askance at Jack, "this is fun for me!" Such a perfect visual description of my two little guys.

When we got home, I finished up the pasties, and we're eagerly awaiting their exit from the oven. Collards, chorizo, and a pecorino-fromage blanc blend inside this gorgeous crust. 

Tonight, I'm grilling steaks and serving them with my mint-pistachio pesto, making my arugula salad with roasted peaches and fresh mozzarella and finishing things off with Amanda's plum tart. Aah!