On tap

I have a giant eggplant so think I'll make, you guessed it, Yotam's Burnt Eggplant. I also saw a lovely recipe for shaved zucchini with pistachios and a lemony dressing. I think T's working late tonight, so I'm going to have myself a veggie dinner and some wine and get to bed early. Unless something radically changes, I'm done canning in anticipation of the Arts Market this weekend. I fixed all the plum jam today using the thinning technique I just learned- seriously, I'm so relieved about that. Meanwhile  I got all the ingredients for a delicious streusel coffee cake, strawberry cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes, browned butter brownies, blackberry pies, strawberry-rhubarb pies, pecan-oatmeal pies, and fresh ricotta which I'll be bringing with me to the market. Exciting!

Is anyone in the market for great and stylish kitchen gloves? I just bought some pink Casabella ones and must admit that I love them. I enjoy washing dishes anyway, for whatever reason, but these gloves make doing so even more fun. The only odd aspect of them is the picture on the packaging. Why would any woman ever be wearing them while reclining and kicking her legs up joyfully in the air?? I think in large part we've left the '50s behind, folks.