OMG, I slept until 8a!

People, I cannot recall the last time I slept, uninterrupted and unencumbered, until 8a. What a treat, and how terrific for one's mental hygiene. T went and got me a delish latte and the Sunday Times, and I am cozy in bed reading and sipping while he researches breakfast spots.We have had such a ball; it is the greatest luxury to not be on a schedule. Yesterday afternoon, I napped and read my new book, Foer's Eating Animals which is excellently written thus far. T exercised (I just could not summon the motivation to do so), and we finally got dolled up and walked the measly block back to The Franklin. Fab choice to return. This time I started with The Lament of the Pretty Baby (these names are so great; rival OPI nail polish ones), and T opted for the second on the list of three punches, the Kill Taker. We noshed on pistachios, and were having such fun that we decided to stay for another round. T rounded out his punch experience by ordering the third and final choice, the Ragged Yet Righteous, while I jumped on board with the Player Piano. We then decided to get take-out and have a bed picnic while watching a movie; this is always a fun way to spend an evening- PJs + food + film? Fab. We rented Beginners with Ewan McGregor and Christopher Plummer (do y'all remember how dashing he was as Mr. Von Trapp?); it's offbeat but was well done, and overall, we enjoyed and would recommend it. So now it's Sunday morning, and we're enjoying this last morning of quietude and togetherness. The news is so god-awful that I keep putting the paper down and daydreaming about the endive salad I plan to order from Bistrot La Minette for the ride home. Did y'all see the story out of Kolkata about the horrible fire in the hermetically sealed private hospital that was storing diesel fuel in its basement? If that didn't strike anyone as a recipe for disaster, they weren't much thinking, and as it came to pass, 94 patients suffocated. Horrible. And then the story out of Afghanistan about the spurned suitor throwing corrosive acid on the woman, her sisters and mother. Classy. If that's they way a society behaves, well...I'll leave it with that for now, and "that" reeks of disgust and disdain.