Oliver likes batter, Bistro dinner for T

As I mentioned earlier, Daylight Savings is never fun for our little family, especially the autumnal episode. We had a big day, full of playdates, a birthday party, and other assorted activities, and by 4p, I thought Oliver would go berserk at any moment. He was ON.EDGE. I suggested we make cupcakes, and as he could eat batter all day long every day, he readily agreed. Once they were all in the oven, I finally turned the mostly-empty bowl over to Ol. I turned away briefly, and when I turned back, he had fully plunged his head in and was literally licking the bowl clean. So my son. I think y'all can see the glimmer of mischief about which I often write. But he is damn cute!

At the farmers market this morning, I was buying chicken breasts for my date with chicken Kiev soon; my favorite meat vendor, Eco-Friendly Foods, had a great-looking flank steak, and even though it's not my favorite cut, I immediately thought of T who looooovves a good steak frites. In honor of his being such a dear husband, I decided to cook him a bistro-inspired dinner. Mustard-olive oil roasted potatoes, the flank steak, slightly creamed spicy greens and good bread. We opened a bottle of Qupe' Syrah too. Fab!

Now thrilled to be heading off to watch Real Time with Bill Maher from Friday!