Olive bread in the works, map of states' animal treatment laws

It was so nice to have homemade bread recently that I decided to make some more. I adore olive bread but couldn't find a whole grain-yeast bread recipe that appealed to me. So, back to my pal Cynthia, the boulangere. To be succinct, she wanted to make olive bread too so will try tweaking one of her recipes while I'll tweak another. Then we'll compare notes. What fun! Mine is in its first proof and will be such a nice addition to dinner. You might know how committed I am to animal welfare. If not, it is a subject about which I am passionate. I feel it is a moral imperative with enormous implications for health (the animals, us, our Earth) and sustainability, and I vote with my fork (always) and wallet (when I can). The Animal Legal Defense Fund is a great organization, and I enjoy their regular enewsletters. In today's was this map showing how each state ranks. Food for thought, literally.