Old, special wine, take-out, T

Feeling slightly defeated by having been up since 5:10a and my terrine needing to chill until tomorrow, I suggested that we order in Indian. Tom agreed and suggested that we open a 2003 Riesling Auslese we bought in Germany during a weekend visit to the Mosel while we lived in Amsterdam in 2004. We stayed at this vineyard -S.A. Prum- as they had a beautiful guest house on the property, and loved the vintner/owner, Red, a huge bear of a guy. This Auslese was one of his prized wines, and we’ve been letting it age and waiting for a night to appreciate it. So, why not a random Thursday in July?! This is one reason I love Tom. We’re both type-A people, but as a couple we both calm and bring out the best in each other. We also have a blast together, and I feel so lucky. So, T (who is kindly editing my new site’s HTML; thank god he is SO handy), cheers to you and your knowing so early on that we were a great pair.