Oil in the Arctic? "Sure" says Shell.

Did y'all see this article out of Grist last week? Shell Alaska's VP said spills would happen but he didn't think they'd be large enough to be of much concern. Try telling that to the animals who'll be coated and drown, the people whose land will be despoiled. That's like a man telling a woman he didn't think she'd be challenged much by having natural childbirth alone in a dark room: someone who doesn't really know what he's talking about making a condescending prediction because the outcome doesn't really matter to him. Ok, it's not the best analogy, but the kids are playing dinosaur and the kissing plant, and no I don't really know what's behind this game but they're laughing to beat sixty so I don't much care, and in this context, that sad analogy is what came to me first. Grr. The shrimp creole is done and is fab. And I'm going to roast some romanesco broccoli and serve it with some good lemony dressing as our side.