Oh that Republican field, muffins! macaroons! Kitchen Need #4

Now really, what a bad couple days for Mittens. Turns out his measly 8 vote win in Iowa wasn't thus, and now he's lost S.C. too. So much of his own money, his and his family's time, and after all these years campaigning and trying on different identities, he's still not a sure thing. I'd have to throw in the towel.Sweater Vest racked up a bronze, giving him a late gold, this third and a random 5th. He's like a Tim Henman of politics. Ricky's definitely not a sure thing, and I don't see Florida as being the successful Hail Mary he'll need to really garner any tidbit of serious consideration (and thank god giving that his bigoted worldview would really set us back a number of generations). Blowhard Windbag of the Multiple Wives is surely on a high today. Can anyone even imagine how insufferable he must be right now? He already has such a grandiose sense-of-self; this morning he probably feels some sort of Christ-like anointing.

I'm glad he pulled out S.C. though, as you've got to think the Dems are feeling decently (despite a shockingly consistent inability to strategize and capitalize on any gains) good about November and the Repubs are surely sweating, not least because they know Gingrich can't win and know they'll have to suck it up and get behind Romney at some point- a hard one for them to swallow. Aah, a moderate in disguise! Horrors! ~~

I just pulled some banana-blueberry muffins out of the oven and cannot wait to sink my teeth into one. Momentarily I'll be posting the cherry-almond macaroon recipe too.

In the meantime, Kitchen Item #4 That You Need is actually a collection of small tools (many of which I've praised before) that make my life as a cook easier and more fun.

- a citrus reamer with a screen: you can juice with abandon while the seeds stay caught. Liberating! - a 2 tablespoon measuring cup: this is equivalent to ⅛ c, an amount I need on a regular basis. I use this measuring tool all the time! - two sets of measuring spoons: one for dry ingredients and one for wet. How annoying is it when your salt sticks to the spoon because you forgot you'd just measured oil/vanilla/etc? Never again! - an olive spoon: long handled, slotted...you'll never struggle with olives/capers/maraschinos/etc again! No unwanted juice anywhere, no need to use a second tool to drain your product- an all-in-one tool at its best! - a Microplane: enough said. - a crappy paring knife that you can use to pry things apart: frozen hamburger patties or hotdogs, sealed lids on jars, etc. I bought one for $4 in NYC years ago and we use it several times a week. The tip broke off which actually makes it even more functional!