Off to class, mujadarra on the horizon for anniversary

Y'all, I could not be more thrilled. The reviews of the food from yesterday's baby shower were superlative, and I feel incredibly happy, proud and fulfilled. I've got another large luncheon coming up next week, and some neat opportunities with local businesses in the works. Happy Monday to me. :) I'm off to my photography class soon, thank god. Homework was to focus on motion while setting your aperture, ISO and shutter speed manually. A fun challenge but it's hard to keep it all straight while trying to freeze your subject in a great shot. Oliver was a very willing participant, and although some of the pics are blurry, they are dear. Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to some rigorous feedback and a review of all we learned last week.

Tomorrow is my and T's 8 year anniversary, a decade since we met. I am also feeling incredibly proud in the old marriage department because not only is marriage tough, but marriage + kids is a massive challenge, and I think we've done an excellent job, by and large. I do wish he weren't leaving town tomorrow, but I am excited that some girlfriends are coming over to drink champagne with me. I'm going to make a big pot of mujadarra, that beyond yummy caramelized onion, lentil and rice dish served with a spiced yogurt. Oh nelly, I can taste it now.

Off to class but first I must snarf some dinner. My least favorite way to eat. AAAh!