Ode to carrot cake

The humble carrot cake, neither new nor chic,If done well, iced right, can be the most scrumptious treat. Moist with oil and carrot shreds galore, Studs of raisins and walnuts leave me ever wanting more. The perfect combination of autumnal spice, Cinnamon, vanilla, cream cheese together are SO nice.

Never should this treat involve pineapple or coconut- A morning glory or fruit cake it's decidedly not. And beware bad frosting, too waxy or smooth, All these mistakes guarantee you'll lose.

Multiple layers are always quite satisfying, held together by yet more creamy cheese binding. And those kitschy orange carrots piped from still more frosting, Do much for the pleasure derived from a carrot cake feasting.

I'm not a big snacker, but at the market this morn, I laid eyes on a three-layer slice calling to me like a horn. Without hesitation, I added it to my cart with glee, Hurried home, grabbed a fork, and jumped in, just me!