The children are still talking. Fortunately they spent a few hours at T's parents' this morning. I was able to clean, start a coconut cream pie, put away some Christmas stuff and get ready for my Mom and Dad to arrive. The boys and I are at the airport now, eagerly awaiting them.

Mom has always been an enormous fan of New Year's Eve; she played the trumpet in high school (first female 1st chair in the band!) and still plays Auld Lang Syne every Dec 31 at midnight. Hopefully Jack's plastic, though workable, trumpet will suffice tonight. Hell, if T and I stay up until midnight, I won't care if Mom burps the song. We've not stayed up since Jack was born. In any case, tonight will be as festive as it can be with Tom and I snorting our way through. Mom's allergic to wheat so I'm going to make burnt eggplant with tahini and pomegranate, a middle eastern carrot-raisin salad, shrimp some way and other items TBD plus champagne, the coconut cream pie and a Reine de Saba!