Not a lot of cooking planned for today, my little O

Y'all should see my fridge. I sent peeps home with as much as possible last night (and three cheers to your willingness to do so!) and my icebox is still packed to the gills. It would be a ridiculously prodigal pursuit to cook anything new, so I won't have much to share in that regard today. However, I did enjoy a brownie, sliver of blackberry pie and mini turkey sandwich for breakfast. Not a thing wrong there if you can wrap your taste buds around Moroccan mustard and cranberry sauce at 7:30am. I posted the two tart recipes from last night and will also be sharing one for some cherry-almond macaroons that foodie friend S brought last night. There was not a shred of coconut left nor did I get a pic, so you'll just have to trust me and the rave reviews these garnered and make some of your own. Bene, bene.

As I mentioned recently, Bob the Builder leaves a little something to be desired re: quality, but Oliver is beyond smitten with it. Now that he will regale me with this song (click link for video), I can no longer mind his obsession as this is truly one of the cutest things I've ever seen. Oliver sings Bob the Builder

Did I actually write 'icebox' up above? Wow!