Nostalgia prompts dessert inspiration

Did any of you eat Zingers when you were little? As far as I remember, they're like twinkies topped with raspberry "jam" and coconut flakes. They used to come in three-packs, and I loved them. I haven't had one in yeas, but I still love a good jelly roll, in part because it reminds me of the simple childhood indulgence that was the pack of Zingers. Certain that Zingers contain no actual food products, not to mention that I now find it rather terrifying that a plastic-wrapped food can stay fresh on a cornerstore rack for months on end -what IS in it?- I have long thought about making my own. I was sorting through Nanny's recipe box the other day before I had to mail it back to my mom, and lo, I came across a recipe for the roll part of a jelly roll. Seems easy enough to whip up a basic raspberry jam (WITH seeds), spread that atop a fresh roll base, sprinkle with freshly toasted coconut, and roll. Ooooohhhh. My mouth is watering just envisioning it.

I will keep you posted!