Nose music, Dylan Ratigan anger (love it!), what's on tap for later this week

People, I feel absolutely awful. Shaky, alternately hot/cold, and my nose is playing music as the air attempts to get in and out. Terrific day. Who saw Dylan Ratigan's wonderful, from-his-core, rage rant on MSNBC? The awful Susan del Percio said everything was Obama's fault (um, Congress? Republican blockades? yes, Obama is disappointing in myriad ways but it's all his fault? no ma'am), Karen Finney had nothing of value to add, and Ratigan just went off on the lack of any serious discussion being had about our country's problems which are many and serious and scary. If you want to watch it, here's a link. He really gets going about 4 minutes in.

Tonight's dinner is going to be the best of what you can get from a can (stuffed grape leaves), the cheese and bread counters, the yummy dip areas and slicing fresh heirloom tomatoes. Think delicious, gourmet picnic with minimal effort. I have been putting aside recipes that sound good should you have the energy to make them so perhaps these will be in our future soon.

Sake-steamed chicken with ginger and scallions Corn cakes with citrus greens (Yotam! Thank you, Donna, for bringing this to my attention!) Panini ripieni arrotolati (fresh tomato rolls) Spinach gratin with pecorino toscano and pine nuts Cherry hand pies

D.C. peeps- we're heading to Graffiato on Saturday night and can't wait. It's gotten great reviews. Y'all, Prosecco on tap!!