Nonna's breakfast cake in the oven, new recipes page coming

As you might have noticed, a beta-stage Em-i-lis Recipes page is up and coming. Once I hit 200 recipes, the page had trouble loading, and I found it was getting slightly difficult to navigate through everything in a browsing fashion. So, stay tuned...a newly organized page is a'coming! Secondly, I finally got on the Nonna's Breakfast and Dessert Farina Cake bandwagon and made it. It's in the oven now and looks absolutely divine. With a cup of fresh ricotta, whole milk, three eggs, sugar, butter and just a scant 1/2 c farina, this promises to be good. I'm envisioning some sort of rice pudding/bread pudding/custard hybrid. In half, I added some raisins, and the entire top is sprinkled with cinnamon. Mamma mia!