No bread, delicious leftovers, yes to radishes, moving article

I did not feel the smart thing to do when tired was to embark on bread-making: kneading, yeast-rising, lack of experience...These things together ultimately sounded like a bad plan. So, I cooked some fun pasta, enjoyed it with the meatballs and also roasted the radishes like I'd said I would a week ago. They aren't stand out, but I find them comforting and satisfying and pretty, for that matter. I put them in an oven-proof skillet with some slivered garlic, 1.5 T butter cut in small pieces, some brown sugar, salt, pepper and also a shake of that coriander sugar (thanks again, C) and cooked until a giving crunch remained.

Did anyone read this article today? It is staggering to think of anyone making $6 an hour and being expected to make ends meet. That's a lot less than minimum wage! Why are we so unwilling to take care of folks who are willing to work so hard? Good god, this is sobering.