Night-vision goggles, and so forth

I know these would have completely fooled you too. Don't they look JUST like military-grade night-vision goggles? I am sure the FBI agents who found Jack and Ol searching for pinecones with these were totally convinced.


I was definitely coming to see the humor in the whole escapade (hah; literally) until Mr. J decided to try and sneak-watch the iPad during quiet time yesterday. As I'd made it clear that doing so was completely verboten, he's gained a few more days of grounding, and I am feeling embattled. "But Mom, I do not like being grounded." Well, no shit, man, that's the point of it.


It is distinctly possible that we will be the first family at school drop-off on Tuesday. Well, my friend, C, might be there with her daughter too. We were in a conjoined pit of despair yesterday though mutual dismay with a dear friend does tend to make things better for a while. We shared many laughs, our children were funny-nuts together. I had a school event last night, and truly, it was lovely to get out although the room in which we all met was a furnace. Also, my name tag wouldn't adhere to my dress so I stuck about 75% of it to my skin. I now have an ugly red mark on my chest that looks like I missed that spot when applying sunscreen. Whatever.

I'm making more granola right now because it's all I have time to cook. My to-make-and-bake list is sooo long but it's hard to do much of anything in two hours of kids-at-camp and other assorted errands and tasks. Later today I hope to put up cauliflower pickled with cardamom and pomegranate molasses, make some oven-roasted tomato jam and a huge vat of red beans and rice!