Night o' tarts

Well, I didn't have puff pastry but rather Fillo Dough. So I did a quick thaw (not optimal!) and after making 6+ pints of brandied peaches, I decided to just make some impromptu tarts. On one, I caramelized onions and garlic with some thyme and threw in fresh baby carrots and mandolined chioggia beets at the end. Then I put all that atop olive oiled, Spanish goat cheese-topped fillo. On the second, I put the same cheese but instead used basil, slivered garlic and a giant fresh heirloom tomato on top. I'm thinking about putting the goat cheese, fig jam and Marcona almonds on a third for dessert. Here are the first two. Hope they're good. I'm a complete dunce with fillo dough, hence the very ragged look of it here.