New Year's Eve menu, random musings

What are you making for NYE? Never much ones for going out that night, and especially now that we've got 2 roosters to whom we're accountable, T and I have established a lovely tradition of just the two of us cooking a great meal, opening a great bottle of wine, and passing the evening away in PJs. I know, that sounds no different from many generic week nights, but so be it. I've not even made it up till midnight since before Oliver was born. But as T and I coined on a trip to Vienna once, "See it or so be it." Hah! We just did not fall in love with Vienna in any way and, tired anyway after trekking through Prague and Budapest, thusly decided to spend most of our time at the gym or in our insanely gorgeous hotel room which was nicer than any apartment in which I've ever lived. "See it or so be it" worked for us then, and it works for us now.

We've got a gorgeous bottle of Rioja that I've been salivating over during recent trips to the old wine fridge, so I may see if T wants to go that direction for New Year's, or I may just make an executive decision along those lines. With our new cookbooks on hand, I think we might do a BBQ/Southern feast of sorts which sounds marvelous and will segue nicely into our New Year's Day feast for health, wealth and luck (greens, cornbread and black-eyed peas).

Tonight, my sis (Elia), Michele, T and I are going over to some friends' house for what will surely be a fun evening. Sadly, El and Michele leave tomorrow. It sure will be quiet when they're gone, and I will truly miss them. I'm off to write thank-you notes. Am I the only one who still likes the post office? They do a good job for $.42, and plus, it's fun to get real mail. I had the most hilarious cards printed during a recent Tiny Prints sale- the card is elegant and beautiful but smack in the center is a photo of J and O wearing adhesive mustaches and staring into the reader's eyes. Hilarious.