Nausea to the max

Italy redux over here, and not in the good ways. Oliver threw up the most ungodly amount on Thursday night- hanging from his eyelashes, full scale bed change, into the bath amount. Then T got very sick, and now I am barely hanging on to the ledge, flailing over a vomitous pit, toes tickling the deep sea of nausea. I'm flat on my back in bed forcing down plain toast in an attempt to quell the currents. And T is leaving tonight and won't be back until Friday. Terrific.

Anyway, I made it through the retreat and cannot believe how much swag accompanied me home. Thank you OXO and Calphalon! Knives, cherry pitter, cookie baller, salad spinner, grater, omelet pan, gelato scoop, measuring spoons... You get my drift.

Hoping to get back in the kitch tomorrow!