Names, exciting meal experience on the horizon

I am devouring one of my favorite sandwiches: roast turkey, Dulcet Moroccan mustard, my cranberry sauce, lett/tom and whole grain bread. In fact, I'm chewing the last bite now. Delicious! Yoga was quite arduous today, and I returned home ravenous. Though I'm still a tad hungry, I'm going to save room because late this afternoon, friends are having us over for an authentic Pakistani feast. How exciting. I once ate at an Afghan restaurant which I thought was wonderful, but I've not had home cooking like this. It will be such fun and it's a family affair which will be nice. I just adore my yoga class- it is so good for mind, body and soul. We had a visitor today, a lovely woman unfortunately named Thorn. Friends, really, why would you give a tiny baby girl a rough name like Thorn? Can you imagine calling out to a toddling youth, "Thorn, Thorny Thorn, come here honey"? It's like her parents were setting her up to be prickly and fierce. It's like naming your son Cain (I grew up with a boy named such) or De'mon (my sister-in-law, a pediatrician, had a youngster in her practice named De'mon; pron: Duh-mon). Start your child off right people, not behind the 8 ball from their earliest days. Dios mio, we've enough to overcome without having some terrifying moniker attached to us.

T swears that I channel the Brits sometimes; for example, some of the names I proposed for our children he declared "too U.K" although the ones we did choose are now the numbers 1 and 2 names in England. Go figure. Anyway, while in sivasana today, I found myself seriously considering calling out, "Have you any lavender spray?" Good lord, is it true? No one phrases questions like that here. Well, whatever. I like me some lavender spray.