Muted Monday and a hallelujah for it

There may be no way to accurately describe the utter peace and bliss and relief I feel in being alone in my home right now. The boys are healthily and happily at school, Tom the former, and hopefully the latter, at work. For the first time in nearly two weeks, I am able to just be. Even the animals are calm and needless!

I took a shower and got properly dressed. I finished my coffee and slowly ate an apple cider muffin and half of this pomelo. As an aside, doesn't pomelo rind-and-pith just seem SO overwrought and dramatic? I like its seeming superfluousness. If you've hesitated to pay $4 for a pomelo, I understand. They are quite large and seem to be in the process of deflating. And $4 for ONE?? But you get a lot of bang for you buck with one of these suckers; easily, one paired with some avocado and good balsamic could feed four as a side dish. I was hellbent on finishing this sucker but stopped midway through. The pomelo is crisp and gently tart and tangy, a surprise to those who think they're going to experience a grapefruit, and all its wonderful acidity and bitterness, in larger form. I love grapefruit, but the pomelo is decidedly gentler. Try one! At the least, you won't get scurvy.

I've managed to finish my homework for my writing class; as it starts in just two hours, I'm cutting things a little close, but really, life lately has been on the nuts end of the spectrum, so I'm just thrilled that I'll get to go.

Percy is now staring me down - I guess needlessness never does more than pause - so off we go for a walk. And then....LUNCH! Yay!