Mushrooms and polenta, low(er) fat ricotta

For Meatless Monday dinner tonight, I opted for Yotam's Herbed Polenta with Mushrooms as I was dying to use those gorgeous mushrooms I bought yesterday at the farmers market. Check this out: As long as you season well, how can you go wrong with polenta topped with taleggio topped with sauteed mushrooms? You cannot. Yummy!

I also experimented with a lower fat version of homemade ricotta today, using 2% milk instead of whole. It is still absolutely wonderful, so perhaps that's a nice compromise in the future.

At dinner tonight, I spontaneously started to recall the summer T and I lived in Amsterdam and how several times a week I would head down to the corner bakery on the Museumplein for a slice of appeltaart. Aah, a buttery crust with an enormous mound of sugary, cinnamony cubed apples baked to perfection. I've missed it since we left and thought wow! How great would that be with a slather of apple butter in between the crust and apples. So, I believe I will just have to try that tomorrow.

I seem to have caught whatever Oliver had last week so am off to bed soon. What a fun, busy, productive day in the kitch! Have a good night!