Mushroom gravy-saucy

I'm having a vision for a roux-based saucy-gravy mushroom stew of sorts. Doesn't that sound fabulous? O and I went to the farmers market this morning and purchased and sampled his favorites: a muffin, apples and pears, cider, buffalo jerky and marble cheese. Still in his striped, onesie pjs, he marched around like he owned the place, tasting here, saying hi there, both fists full of goodies all the while. Anyway, my one take-home today was a parcel of mixed exotic mushrooms. Since Tom rouxed up our gravy on turkey day, I've been desperate to make something else all roux'y and good; the smell alone is to die for, much less the flavor it imparts. So, I'm about to get going on that. I'm also desperate to get our Christmas tree, but as it's still November and I'm wearing shorts right now, it just doesn't seem seasonally right quite yet. Next weekend!