Mushroom and asparagus sauté was divine

To go alongside the cinnamon roasted veggies last night -which were great, and I highly recommend the technique of breaking up a cinnamon stick, tossing it in olive oil and then roasting veggies in that mixture!- I further cleaned out the fridge by using the remaining mixed mushrooms I found and half a bunch of fresh asparagus for a quick sauté. This was the surprise hit of the night. To make, I sautéed a bit (maybe 2 tsp) of that buffalo milk butter I have (and love) and two minced cloves of garlic in a non-stick skillet until the garlic was fragrant. Then I added the thickly sliced mushrooms, the chopped asparagus, a slosh of white wine and some truffled Maldon. When the veggies were al dente but decidedly cooked, I removed from heat, drizzled with truffle oil and served. Scrumptious!! This picture is not a good one, but it's all I got. Ah well. Today I'll be proofing my pizza dough for tonight's meal, making the leek confit and tart crust dough for a catering order due Sunday, and familiarizing myself with the recipe I'm making for dessert tomorrow night. We're having dinner with friends who also love to eat, so I'm taking the opportunity to make a recipe I've been lusting over for some time now: a Huguenot Torte. The original recipe appeared in the Times in 1965 and was then the focus of a Recipe Redux by Amanda Hesser in '09. It's a blend of apples, pecans, vanilla and dough which billows up in the oven and then implodes like a soufflé. Amanda said the result is like a perfect pecan pie crossed with a macaroon and served warm. Sounds fab to me.