Muffin-making morn

For hours this morning -yes, hours; we were up early- not a thing sounded appealing for breakfast. I nibbled on a fresh peach while I drank my coffee and got the boys ready for school, but until about 9am, I was at a loss. But then I saw one more peach in the fridge and thought, well, I'll make ginger peach muffins because the freezer stash needed replenishing anyway. While those were in the oven, I started getting more excited about a morning of muffins and decided to make one with apples. Y'all, this is a hit, and I will make this recipe all fall and thereafter as well. Click here for the recipe. I reduced some apple cider and then stirred into that (while still hot) so thinly sliced apple chunks. Meanwhile I made a vanilla-brown butter, whisked that with egg and buttermilk and stirred it into my flour mixture which contained lots of cinnamon and freshly ground nutmeg. I folded in the cider apples along with some of the reduced cider, and baked until golden. Sooo good. If T and I weren't going out to lunch -mid-week! such a rarity!- I'd eat more of these treats.

Per the usual, my muffin photography failed, so I took this pic in a "1960s" direction and actually think it improves things. Ginger Peach in the background, Apple Cider in the front.