Movie, brownie, pizza.

Folks, why is it so hard to find a well-made brownie that is not gluey, dry or full of too many additions? The only commercial contender in which I'm willing to indulge (very rarely because it's huge) is Pain Quotidien's. Otherwise I feel I just must make my own, and for that I tend to make a brown butter-based one that I discovered in Bon Appetit last year. It's curious this rarity of good brownie. I bring this up because T and I just went to see Crazy, Stupid, Love. which was well cast and pretty good. Also I love the Avalon- what a great neighborhood theater. Anyway, they had one brownie left so ever-hopeful me convinced T to split it; it was fair at best but at least now I'm not making a full pan.

What was the opposite of fair-at-best is Ryan Gosling's body in this film. Mary, mother of god, he is HOT. And lest you think I didn't immediately share that opinion with Tom, I did and he had to, objectively, concur.

Tonight is pizza night- yum!