Morning o' cooking

The boys and I went on a mission this morning: coffee for me; swim noodles with which to make birthday party light sabers (gotta battle safely); a cake pan in which to cook a chocolate birthday torta for my mother-in-law. Ultimately, we succeeded on all fronts though were initially delayed by the five Starbucks employees actively working, yet equally actively as not, behind the counter who seemed unable to manage the one man in line in front of us, thus making us wait a good 4-5 minutes before even placing our order. This was fully baffling to me, and even Jack asked, "what's taking them so long?!" In any case, I got what I needed, we bought green, blue and gold noodles for the light sabers, and this beautiful cake is now chilling in the fridge.

chocolate cake with chocolate-sour cream frosting and raspberries

I also made some roast carrots, pizza dough, caramelized onions and homemade pizza sauce. It was just too hot (94!) for another day at the beach. Then again, the AC went kaput here and it was probably too hot to be cooking over a gas stove and a roaring Wolf oven, but I'm intrepid in the kitch!