Morning musings

That carrot recipe from last night (vegan, lassi-inspired) is really nice- not the regular take on roast carrots! I just posted the recipe under Salads and Sides if you're interested. Do you know what I think is cool and really marks a great cook? Their recipes appeal to seemingly everyone. There are some cooks out there who are highly acclaimed, their recipes oft mentioned and popular, but for whatever reason, I rarely -or at best, infrequently- enjoy the dishes. David Tanis, bless his heart, is one such chef. His recipes always sound wonderful, the accompanying pics are gorgeous, but with few exceptions I'm always disappointed. Others are more balanced in the hit-miss columns (Yotam; I love him but there are definitely some dishes that just don't work), but some cooks just nail it with consistency: Amanda Hesser, Melissa Clark, Nancy Silverton, and Molly Wizenberg come to mind immediately. Go ladies!

I really think it's neat because people have wildly different taste preferences, palates, preferred flavors, food ideologies, but these gals never disappoint. At least, they never disappoint me. Yum!

I just made some blackberry pie jam/sauce; I call it that because it tastes just like Nanny's blackberry pie recipe which is our very favorite. If it doesn't set quite enough for jam, it will make a hell of a topping for ice cream or a base for a cobbler. Yum again. Now I need to deal with the peaches. Aah.