Morning "announcements"

Good morning, all. I have several things I want to share so thought I'd ring the bell and share with you the morning announcements. - If you live in the DC area, Whole Foods' special one-day sale today is Grass Fed Ground Beef for just $4.99/pound. Make some burgers, meatballs (I'm going to make a batch of our favorite meatballs; see Em-i-lis Recipes if you're interested) meatloaf, whatever. Great price for a great product! For folks elsewhere, check your local WF to see if they are participating in this special.

-Great wine: the 2005 deTrafford Cabernet Sauvignon from Stellenbosch, S. Africa. It is divine, but note of warning: drinking this on an empty stomach will project you to the Moon of Tipsy at mach12. So, enjoy this but do so with a hearty meal such as steak. For DC peeps, Pearson's Wine Store on Wisconsin is having its annual Labor Day sale: 30% off of everything. They carry deTrafford so if you're down that way, stop by and grab a bottle or two. Delish!

-Let's hear it for Dulcet Morrocan mustard making another dish even better. It's great with the flank steak from last night and will make a mean sandwich for lunch today. The spices in it really accentuate those in the steak marinade. Here's my sandwich plan: flank steak, Dulcet mustard, arugula, oven-roasted tomatoes, and grilled/toasted baguette.