More tomorrow, interesting tidbit

Have mercy! I feel like I was participating in some sort of stamina research today and am now totally pooped. Today feels like 4 days compressed into one. Most unfortunately, I will not get 4 nights of sleep tonight. Darn! Oliver tested negative for strep. You know how weird it is to hope your kid has the diagnosable thing? You just wanna know and be able to deal with it. The waiting and drawing out are tough, for everyone. He's such a cute, good-attitude patient though. He keeps insisting "I am well." Bless his heart. This as the snot runs and his cheeks are flushed with fever.

I won't, thus, have the morning free tomorrow as I thought I would but I nonetheless hope to test another cake, thaw my King salmon, make yet another run to the market and so forth. Will have more for you then.

Did you see today the news that fatherhood lowers male testosterone rates? The more involved in caretaking a father, the lower his testosterone longterm. Interesting!