Monday, Monday

Ol and I slept in the basement last night, and he stayed home from school today. I think it's one of his fever spells, and I felt badly for him because he was truly disappointed to miss a day of school. Nonetheless, we had a ball, except for the moment at which Nutmeg hurled and before I could clean it all up, Percy ran over and starting eating. REPULSIVE. Anyway, Ol watched The Phantom Menace for about the 49th time, I made a chocolate-almond cake (which I then froze) and some granola, we took a walk, dropped my car at the shop to have the rear brakes replaced, played Angry Birds together, finished and mounted the "family shield" we've all been working on, and played a very intense game of Star Wars after he rebuilt and upgraded this belt o' Zoobs he created yesterday. It is full of "arms and light sabers." I do not totally understand the arms bit but I believe it has something to do with being able to hold many more sabers than he otherwise could.

He would walk circles around the house, intoning, each time he passed me, "My master has ordered me to watch out for you" or the like. At one point, convinced I was a Sith, he tried to behead me with a light saber but fortunately I convinced him -just in time- that the Sith had mind-controlled his belt and were tricking him in the hopes that he'd then kill Jedi for them. You can see that he can adopt a very threatening look! Personally, I like how his chin dimple seems amplified in presence when he does this.

His performance on the family shield wasn't as strong however. In fact, it pales in comparison and looks rather like a wan spread of average food. The log is an eclair, the orange donut thing is a Honey Nut O, and honestly, the other round thing could be a donut or an O for Oliver; it's probably the latter since it's done in his two favorite colors. Jack really went full speed ahead in his quadrant, and Tom did a nice, if faded-effect, job in his; that giant chef's knife is because he loves and takes pride in his cutting/chopping skills, people, nothing sinister.

I fancy my space, though why the gumbo pot is larger than Nutmeg and my garden is beyond me. Hell, that piece of cake isn't small either.

Speaking of cake, I have been on some kind of dessert tear lately. It appears I've morphed into an insatiable hog with a tapeworm, as if the latter is necessary if one is already an insatiable hog. In any case, I've just been going with it and am totally pleased with my absolute laissez-faire attitude. In fact, I've got a good mind to go make a rhubarb-apricot tart right now, just cuz.

T is at a Lady Gaga concert. Despite how unlikely that sounds, it happens to be true. A friend had an extra ticket so he said yes. Frankly, I'm very proud of his work-night spontaneity, and at the least, it'll certainly be an experience.

I am so happy I did not get invited to a Gaga concert. Ol and I have bunked together two nights in a row, and I'm happy on my couch next to snoring Percy. My thighs are weeping quietly over the run I took earlier, and I'm sure to pay with stiffness tomorrow, but it sure felt good to pound along in the sunshine earlier. And hey, more room for dessert. ;)