Misc musings

When my dear husband decides to close all the computer windows I've purposefully left open so that I can return to them when I have time, it peeves me to the max. How has he not learned this after nearly 9 years of marriage? I am quite vocal about my dislike of this tendency of his and still it persists. Grr! Today was a marathon run in cold rain. That's actually a nearly literal statement. The weather here blows, but March is a'coming Feb, so watch out. Around 2p I realized I'd never had lunch so flew into some juice bar'y market near Ol's school to grab something before picking him up. I chose the Morning Tonic juice (kale, celery, apple and grapefruit) after considering the fact that all I'd eaten thus far was a bowl of cereal, one clementine (or was that yesterday?) and a handful of corn nuts I found at the Spanish market I went to (recommended by chef-teacher from this past weekend) sometime before this stop. Quick fun fact: corn nuts are called quicos in Spanish. I didn't know this before. Have y'all had corn nuts? They're puffed/probably fried corn kernels that seemed everywhere in Louisiana snack aisles. Tom got home tonight, said he'd never seen them before, and promptly fell in love with their consumption after the first handful.

Anyway, in addition to the Morning Tonic, I got a breakfast burrito that included tofu, kale and black beans but, oddly, no eggs. Don't breakfast burritos always have eggs? Bygones. I didn't have time to eat it before picking up Ol, and when he and I returned to the car he asked, in the most disdainful voice, "what IS that yukky smell?" I said, "thank you, Ol, that's my late lunch." To which he replied, "oh... what is it?" I told him and he said, "I want a bite" after which he ate half before telling me I "could have a bite." Then he asked about my juice, and I said he could taste it but may not like it, and next thing I know the suck sound that happens when what you were drinking is gone but you want more and think sucking harder will make some appear happened. Mother effer, that kid had drunk all my juice.

Now, for a foodie mom, this was vexing. I was, on the one hand, extremely proud of my guy's palate. Good for him, just downing all that healthy, not-vanilla-in-flavor food. On the other hand, I was still hungry.

For dinner tonight, collard green-chorizo handpies and some pimenton-roasted cauliflower. Delish, and now goodbye.

Suggested reading: the cover story from last Sunday's NYTimes magazine, "I feel so sorry for the public", an expose of the processed food industry in the U.S., and the article in today's NYT Science section about owls. You just didn't know how cool owls are! Damn evolution, damn!