Mint-pistachio pesto, another of The Nut

Dealing With Mint Overgrow

Friends, if you have not pot-bound your mint crop, you may be struggling with a mighty forest of this wonderful, pungent herb. Or, even if you have cordoned off your mint, you may still be in a state of overwhelm. Perhaps you've not done either of these things but nonetheless love mint and want to take it in a new direction.

All of these quandaries can be happily addressed with the following solution: Mint-Pistachio Pesto. You might recall that this recipe won Food 52's Your Best Mint contest, an honor of which I remain very proud. This pesto never disappoints and is very flexible- great on steaks, slathered on bread, atop grilled chicken, with grilled or roasted peaches, on pasta ...

Tonight I tossed it with steamed potatoes which prompted even anti-potato Oliver to try them. His response was fairly "meh," but he did try both the Yukon Gold and red-skinned potatoes, so I'll call that a success.

I also oven-roasted some salmon with a maple-Dijon sauce and topped with tiny spring onions from our yard. We pushed The Nut off the table and settled in.

The Nut Hunts