Mexican Plum Jam

Well, Mexican-inspired. I woke up this morning with an urgent need to use up all the plums remaining in my kitchen. Tomorrow is farmers market Sunday after all. I was going to make the lightly spiced plum and orange jam I created a few weeks back but found myself without even a slice of orange. I did, however, have two lonely red jalapeños hanging on my plant outside.  One of my favorite snacks is Port Salut cheese topped with Tabasco pepper jelly I bring back from Louisiana. As a vague homage to that jelly, I picked one of the peppers and roasted it over the flames of my gas-stove burner. Into my jam pot then went all my plums, 1 chopped ginger gold apple, the cooked/skinned/minced jalapeño, some ground coriander, a dash of cinnamon and a touch of lemon juice. At present, the spices are subtle, but interesting, and you definitely get some back-end-of-the-mouth heat. I suspect the flavors will meld over the next few days, and I'm eager to keep tasting. This jam is also gorgeous.