Mental floss

Today has been just what I needed! I dropped the bubs at camp, finished up the strawberry-Pinot Noir jam, went to the Container Store to GET.ORGANIZED., saw another bestie (who, by the way, was rendered speechless by a slice of the plum tart; see, it's not just me!), threw out a lot of random biz that my child hoarders had confiscated, returned emails in a thoughtful and responsible manner, picked the boys up, went for a Pokemon card treat and to the market, and then we all got happy about Lazy Thursday which is always what we do after Ludicrous Wednesday. Additionally and per my promise yesterday, I: read the paper, finished unpacking from Richmond and did not answer the inevitable call from CVS. Solid! While the boys zoned out with the iPad, I made fresh kofta burgers for their dinner, steamed some wax beans and chopped some watermelon too and then while they ate, tried to recreate a glorious lima bean hummus I devoured while in Wrightsville Beach.

This smooth spread was to die for, and I think that'd be the case even if I weren't such a complete lima bean lover. I am pretty darn satisfied with this result and will post the recipe shortly in Dips et al. The limas are generously supported by tahini, lemon juice and cumin; that blend is further buttressed by garlic, salt, lemon thyme and lemon zest.

The hummus I had in NC, made by a company called Roots if I remember properly, was a real puree; I've left this chunkier for now because I want to try and make falafel-like patties with it for dinner tonight. The rest I'll process until very smooth which makes a luscious dip as well as a sandwich spread that adds serious oomph to the rest of your fixings.

In my opinion, legumes are the cat's meow and you should all be better friends with them. Off to make -hopefully with better luck than I normally have attempting to fry falafel- the lima patties. Yee-howdy!