Meatless Monday: meal and a new cocktail

Gawd, y'all, I spent most of the morning on the couch. Whatever crappy bug I have is the pits. Also the fact that it was in the 40s last night and will be again tonight. Really mid-May? At noon, I picked Ol up and took him to his swimming lesson, which is outside in a heated pool and during which I wore a scarf. Again, really? Fun though, and afterwards, I managed to eat a small salad and get together a lovely dinner for my grands. Then I had my first real wind in days, got a lot done for my parents' 40th anniversary party next week and made some homemade peanut sauce (like, starting with peanuts that I roasted), dinner AND that cocktail about which I dreamed last weekend. Y'all, the Lidocaine is good!

I steeped coconut milk with fresh ginger and habañero, a dash of cinnamon and two demerara sugar cubes. Then I strained and chilled that and ultimately shook it hard with vodka and ice, finished it with a splash of Cognac and a bit of orange zest. Voila!

the Lidocaine

And for our meal: seared tofu with the peanut sauce as well as a soba noodle salad with cucumbers, celery and, wait for it, the peanut sauce.

seared tofu with peanut sauce

soba noodle salad with cucumbers, celery and peanut sauce

I don't know what is up with my white balance! What did I do??

Bill Gates does some awesome shit with his mind, money and time.