Meatless Monday dinner a hit!

I ended up making three smallish dishes tonight because who doesn't love a sampler plate? I, for one, love opportunities to try a multitude of different recipes, so, voila. Course 1: "French peasant beets with Bûcheron", a recipe I found on food52. I am going to be honest in telling you that I was totally underwhelmed by this dish and would not make it again. It's pretty, I love that it uses both the roots and greens, but I much prefer my way of doing things: roasted beets with orange, balsamic, red onion, mint and either feta or goat cheese.

Course 2: The pear salad with gorgonzola-onion-walnut crostini I mentioned yesterday. Now this was fantastic. You caramelize onions, stir in some rosemary, set aside. Smear gorgonzola dolce on sliced baguette, top with some of the onions, then with some walnuts and broil.

In the meantime, toss together some bitter greens (I used curly escarole), sliced pear, celery (I used fennel) and a fantastic vinaigrette. Eat together. Bene!

Course 3: Sungold-ricotta crostini. Not a thing wrong here!