Meatball party

Friends, I scored better than I expected on some components of my fitness exam and, as I suspected, have really lost some ground cardiologically. Being that I love stats and challenges, this info will serve as a helpful motivating factor to do more in that realm. In the meantime, I am going to chill or choose some wine in anticipation of dinner tonight and commence with the giant meatball party that occurs when I make this recipe as it calls for 6 28oz cans of tomatoes, 4 onions and 4.5 pounds of meat amongst other items. We had a big morning so the kids are now ensconced in the basement watching Mighty Machines.

Does anyone's significant other ever stay up late multiple nights in a row and then act zombie-like the following days? I issued a warning to my guy today that I did not feel this was real acceptable in the sense that we have extremely energetic young'uns and guess what doesn't help Mom? Zombies. Do I ever want to stay up really late when I'm immersed in something? Yes. Do I? Almost never because I know what's coming. Grr.