Margin Call, salmon burgers, Herman Cain

Don't y'all think Herman Cain's days are numbered? I mean really. Did you see his response on one of the news shows recently when asked if he'd sexually harassed women? Something to the effect of, "Not while I was head of the restaurant association." Well, how lucky for those women. Good lord, who is taking this man seriously anymore? And if this is how little the Right likes Romney, well he must have a thick skin and damn serious desire to win this thing to stay out there getting trumped by idiots left and right. When I'm not roiling with disgust about the complete lack of serious political discussion and action on true and real behalf of the American people, I'm mortified by how far we've fallen as real beacons of a democratic nation in which those at the bottom had a voice and real hope for upward mobility. Sure, some will still become wealthy, succeed despite odds, but most who struggle will continue to struggle for the foreseeable future as the Repubs slash and burn their way through social safety nets and the Dems don't do too terribly much to stop them. And don't even get me started on the ways in which we're pathetic non-leaders on dealing with climate change. On another note, Margin Call was terrific. It's in theaters now but we ordered on Video On Demand for $8 last night- nice. The cast was really great- Kevin Spacey, Jeremy Irons, Paul Bettany, Zachary Quinto- and it was a quick-paced, very entertaining film about Wall St.

In past posts, I've mentioned the ease of making salmon burgers, and it's true- they are a snap. But I actually will be making them today and wanted to give you a quick head's up about the recipe in case you head to the market today. (At our local Whole Foods, sockeye salmon is on sale for $9.99/pound.) For my favorite combo of flavors, you'll also need spinach (fresh or frozen) and crumbled feta. I have a meat grinder through which I pass the salmon but you can also finely chop yours with a chef's knife. In a large mixing bowl, put the ground/chopped salmon, mix in as much spinach (if fresh, steam it in the micro, skillet, or steamer insert in a pot; if frozen, thaw; squeeze dry and coarsely chop) as you like (at least 1/2 c), stir in at least 1/4 c crumbled feta, season with salt and pepper and form into burgers. Freeze or grill!