Mango chutney, restorative pedi, packing, wine

Last night I made a batch of the Spiced Mango Chutney recipe from Wednesday's NYTimes Dining section. Written by Cathy Barrow, a DC-area canning maven, it called for an alluring blend of mangoes (I used my beloved champagne variety as they're always better than the larger, green ones and have just hit the market in the past couple weeks), golden raisins, ginger, cardamom pods, Kaffir lime leaves and chiles. Just think of this delicious concoction on grilled chicken or even ice cream. It's quite good though I must say that I halved the amount of chile called for and, even with my Louisiana tongue, still find it quite spicy. So, consider that if you choose to make some of this yourself. spiced mango chutney

Today was not so good until I reached the pedicure chair at 4pm. GAWD, did I need some R&R this afternoon. Having just mulched the some of my garden, I opted to get a manicure too because the amount of dirt under my fingernails was just gross. Also, in looking closer, it appeared that my nails had never seen care, so jagged and gnarly were they. So three cheers for a mani-pedi and the massage chair.

I've done a decent job packing so far; at least the boys will be well and adequately dressed. T and I just threw a pizza on the grill and are sitting with some good wine. Can't wait to blow this joint tomorrow. New Orleans, yee-haw!

looovely 'za