Major accomplishment, asparagus, green tip

Last time we had a storm, we did lose power. After two days, most of the fridge's contents needed to be tossed, but in a way, that was liberating. What was in those jars?Although we were totally fine during this glorified rainstorm (here, inland in DC; I completely understand that the coast got it bad), I took the opportunity to go nuts in the fridge. Have you ever taken everything out and bathed the shelves and drawers? It is both disgusting and deeply satisfying. I'm sure the new order will last all of 24 hours, but it so pretty in there, and nothing skeevy remains! During the purge, I cooked some asparagus and beets that were on their way to wilty sad. Look how pretty!

I also put several months of clipped recipes in my giant binder o' things to make or that have been made and loved. I must make gumbo soon, and saw the recipe for the best-ever Chicken Kiev. It is divine. So many things to cook and eat, so little time.

PS- tip! If you squeezed a generous wedge or half a lemon, don't toss it immediately. Use it as a scrubber to wipe out your sink. Works like a charm and leaves it smelling nice and fresh.