Magnificent Meatless Monday meal

El had to get packing this afternoon, and I made mujaddara for 15 before pulling some old faves from the recipe vault for a meatless Monday meal. What stars they are, and why don't I make them on a more frequent basis! Now I will. Roasted, curried cauliflower! Zucchini-feta fritters! Absolutely scrumptious, simple, bright, veggie-heavy, and both make great leftovers. zucchini-feta fritters


The red wine vinegar in the cauliflower is absolutely the perfect, critical addition!

For a carb'ier dish, I also made a creamed mushroom crostini: mushrooms sauteed with some butter and olive oil, fresh marjoram, thyme, splashes of Cognac and cream near the end. And then, a sprinkle of young chevre before spooning over toasted baguette. Another simple yet super-tasty and satisfying dish. Presently, I'm getting creamed in Scrabble; this is not my style.

creamed mushroom crostini