Lusty love, foiled by hidden spinach

Peeps, this picture does not do this justice, but I love this tasty dish. T and I are chowing! Now, I was foiled by the fact that the bulk of the thyme pesto recipe is baby spinach. Hells, bells, I did not remember that, so that recipe is off the list for tonight. Rather, we're roasting 1/3" rounds of new potatoes from the farmers market and will then pan saute them the rest of the way with garlic and thyme a la Alice Waters.

At that market today, I saw a woman, at least 15 years older than am I, with pigtails at the 2:00 and 10:00 of her head. Bangs were the sidekick, there may have been bows or colored rubber bands; that I can't recall but regardless, I want to say that honey, I respect your youthful feelings but this hairdo is a DON'T. It dates and sillifies you, and I wish I knew you well enough to intervene. Alas.

Jack was a cowboy until we put him to bed. He ate dinner "on the range", we made mess kits, etc. I tell you, when he's passionate, he gives it 200%. Meanwhile, Oliver spent the evening jumping around with his arms flapping like a bird saying "I'm so happy, I'm so happy." Do you want to die? Darling.

Have I mentioned that the gym-going is making me happy?