Luck o' the Irish pasta, using the coupes!

What a fun evening with me hubby! He did not get my email about maybe bringing home some take-out, so to the fridge I went for an improv dinner. Delightful! What's quick and easy? Pasta. What will sauce it? Well, let's see. I had 2 artichoke hearts, 6 sad spears of asparagus, 1 leek, some Brussels sprouts and a zucchini. Ok, a great start. What about a "creamed green-stuffs" sauce of sorts? Sure. I had buttermilk and crème fraîche so decided to make this dish an homage to St. Patty's. Traditional Irish food doesn't use much in the way of seasonings as far as I can tell, so I added caraway seeds, red pepper flakes and garlic to the foundational oil. The I added the greens, in order of time-it-takes-to-cook each one, and finally the cream components + cheese. T was definitely skeptical but he was the first to say, "this is actually really good." We also decided to finally christen those coupes with a batch of Jack Roses. 30Rock, Up All Night and The Daily Show were the cherry on top.