Lovely morning, compost salad, dinner for the grands

El, Michele and Mom treated me to a wonderful anniversary dinner last night - shrimp risotto, seared turkey breast with sage, asparagus, lots of wine and champagne - which we capped off with that scrumptious pie. There were only 2 slivers left because I promised the boys I'd save them some. We sat outside, enjoying each other's company and laughter, and T made it home just as we were wrapping up. This morning, Mom, El and I went to Pilates and then to one of my dearest pals (a woman I met in this very Pilates class) house (with our Pilates teacher, also a great pal) for tea, treats and more fun. It is just the best to sit around laughing with a cool and beloved group of women, you know? Awesome. Then to the market and then home as I needed to get dinner ready for my sweet nonagenarians. Tonight they'll enjoy a zucchini, yogurt and beef casserole, roasted asparagus and a sweet pumpkin cheesecake for two. Doesn't this look yummy?

zucchini, yogurt and beef casserole

While it cooked, I made a good old compost salad. They never get old and I love that it enables me to clean out my crisper drawers. Oh dear, I'm about to be late to get Ol. More later.

compost salad