Lovely lunch

With all the festivities this week, I feel a longing for proper sit-down meals rather than odd snacks at odd times. To kick off this return to normal, I made myself a lovely lunch for one: greens and goat cheese ravioli, toasted bread to sop up the remaining garlic oil, and a fresh salad.

It was delightful, and afterwards I checked on my beautifully happy-yeast bread (today I made a combo bread flour-white whole wheat-spelt) and found it hugely risen; I'll now punch it down before retiring it to a loaf pan for a final rise.

I also fetched a whole chicken from my deep-freeze outside (he of the haul I made when Eco-Friendly butchered chickens a few months back) and have been gently thawing him for tonight's dinner. I think I'll also make a celeriac-potato mash and then something with color to round things out. Soon off to help the second graders sort the Lost-and-Found bins. Hasta!