Love my new little pot, local recycling center, leftover ful

Isn't this little guy a cutie? And PS, great service Wms-Sonoma in Langhorne, PA. Hells bells, didn't I just order this? And here it is! J stayed home from school again today, and so during a medicinally-induced upswing, I took the boys to the Montgomery County Recycling Center. J had gone on a field trip there recently and thought it was "awesome;" I was sure O would feel the same, and seeing as how I could not stay in our house for another day, I packed us up and hauled us out. Peeps, if you live near Montgomery County, you, too, with kids or not, should go so this place. It is super cool, full of great tips, clean, the people are friendly, you can recycle everything there, and there are tons of big, neat machines. O was in hog's heaven being that he is Bob the Builder. It was great. Then we attempted lunch, but that was asking too much of us all, so we came home mid-meal and called it a morning.

I am sad for J that he's had such a bad cold- no sleeping, recurrent fever, muscle aches...But I have to say that he has finally been forced to learn how to blow his nose effectively, and this is a great gift to me. The constant snort-like inhalations make me nuts, and you just know his sinus cavities are considering starting up an infection. So, yay for blowing.

I am so tired today that I really have no interest in or energy to cook. I will, however, tell you that the ful is absolutely divine and that you should try making some pronto. I'll post Claudia's recipe. I will also share the pita recipe once I clear it with The Solitary Cook. In the meantime, if you want to make them, check out her blog (it's down there in my blogroll) and once there, search pita.