Looovely pizza dinner, Gotham scenery

While our pizza crust was a'rising, T water vacuumed the basement (Percy and his damn acting-out pee), and I painted some scenery for tomorrow's fete. Jack will be pleased I think. The black and white images make a panel; J is big into Batman being called with the signal. Fun! And the pizza was a success too. Not only am I really glad we got the pizza stone -you might know how I feel about bread cooked on a grill; sublime- but also I must say that this super-techy/nerdy infrared thermometer that Tom wanted (and I really made fun of initially) is very useful. Tonight's demo is: assessing the temp of the stone.

While enjoying our 'za, we watched a documentary on the Earth Liberation Front. Good film, definitely intense. I was actually anxious at some moments. Very interesting. Off to bed.